Music Directing


Music Directing

photo by  Laura Rockett

photo by Laura Rockett

Add one part love for storytelling, one part nerdy science-y interest in how the human voice works, one part natural leadership skills, and two parts passion for recreating specific emotion through instrumental music, and you get a person who was created to be a music director. That happens to be the precise formula that makes up Kelsi. 

Kelsi is an award-winning music director who consistently receives glowing reviews in both and The Tennessean. Her attention to detail, collaborative nature, and innate musicianship foster an atmosphere that is creatively stimulating while maintaining an expectation of excellence among performers.


It’s rare to come across someone who is at once as clearly excellent, endlessly humble, and genuinely personable as Kelsi. She possesses untold depths of musicianship, skill, and knowledge of her craft, and she is an utter delight to have in the room. Any production or team would be lucky to have her, and better off for it.
— Rachel Dean, rehearsal pianist, Hamilton Broadway
Kelsi Fulton is a wonderfully gifted musician who plays piano with impressive technique, inspiring musicianship, and a solid sense of rhythm. She always shows up fully prepared, and her energy and high spirits never seem to flag. She’s also particularly good at working with singers, and is just a great person to have around in general. I’m always grateful for any chance to work with her.
— Joshua Rosenblum, New York-based composer, conductor, arranger, pianist, and critic
I’ve watched Kelsi grow from a darling little girl who loved playing the piano and singing to a beautiful young woman who understands music. I’ve seen her grow into an outstanding musician and exceptional pianist, as well as a delightful young lady who exudes character in her person.
— Sandi Patty, five-time Grammy winning vocalist