Vocal Coaching

photo courtesy of  Masterpiece Project

photo courtesy of Masterpiece Project

Vocal Coaching

Kelsi is a highly sought-after vocal coach, offering a classically grounded approach to musical theatre styles of singing. Her extensive experience as an audition accompanist has provided her with fly-on-the-wall insight into what casting directors are looking for, as well as do's and don'ts in auditions. 

In addition to her busy schedule as a private vocal and audition coach, Kelsi is a frequent guest lecturer on the art of auditions, providing firsthand experience on how to stack the odds in your favor at an audition.

Kelsi is not only an incredible musician, she is an educator who has helped countless students of mine through encouraging feedback and direction. She is accountable, kind, and the person you want in the room when you are teaching or creating.
— Cori Laemmel, founder and artistic director, The Theater Bug
Kelsi Fulton is not only a fine musician but a wonderful collaborator who I enjoy making great art with. Kelsi is so much more than a pianist. She is hard working, dedicated, capable, and kind. She has served as an assistant music director for me several times. My creative team, cast, and crew always adore working with her and I would say that their musicianship is improved because of it. Kelsi has trained with some of the best vocal pedagogues in the business and has a wonderful rapport with singers across many genres. If you’re looking for someone who knows their craft but who also is a joy to work with, Kelsi is your gal!
— Jessica L. French, vocal pedagogue and artistic director